We offer a tiered pricing structure based on Pay-Per-Use model.


Auto-Lister fee is a one time fee based on the number of new ASINs you list on eBay.
Listing countprice
upto 1,000$0.04 per listing
upto 5,000$0.03 per listing
above 5,000$0.02 per listing
Auto-Lister comes free if you use Intelli-Pricer.


Pricing for Intelli-Pricer is based on the average number of active listings repriced per month.
Listing repricedprice
upto 1,000$40 / month
upto 5,000$0.05 / listing / month
upto 20,000$0.04 / listing / month
above 20,000$0.03 / listing / month


$0.50 per eBay order that has been drop-shipped successfully on source supplier (i.e. Amazon) for Auto-Order fulfillment.
Fee is reduced to $0.40 per eBay order when order volume is more than 2000 orders per month.
Tracking-Update comes free with Auto-Ordering.

Trial period terms

Take a FREE*, NO-COMMITMENT 15-day trial and test our platform before purchase. Here is what you get free within the trial period.
Auto-Listerupto 500 listings
Auto-Orderingupto 50 orders
Intelli-Pricerupto 5000 listings