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An Amazon to eBay Arbitrage & Drop-Ship Automation Tool
Segemai Retail makes it super easy and automated to sell on eBay and dropship via Amazon

Intelli-Pricer constantly monitors ASIN price and availability and keeps your eBay item in sync, along with monitoring eBay competitors

Hassle free Templated and Scheduled Listings, Order and Inventory management for eBay


"Sell on eBay, Dropship via Amazon and pocket the Margin": Sounds quite promising and you are in. Soon you have a large store on eBay, and are now spending whole day in new eBay listings, placing Amazon orders and tracking updates. 24 hours are not enough it seems.

Segemai-Retail, an eBay compatible application, helps you automate most of your arbitrage and dropship business process. We offer highly configurable tools to support Amazon to eBay arbitrage automation. You can control every aspect of it to make the system work your way. Take advantage of our highly advanced tools like Auto-Lister, Intelli-Pricer, Auto Order Fulfilment and Tracking Updates, and enjoy the earned extra time or use it to grow your business instead of merely maintaining it.

Our flexible pricing model fits every small to large scale sellers and helps reduce costs and increase margin.

Arbitrage & Drop-ship Automation


We offer following tools to support Amazon to eBay arbitrage and drop-ship automation. Three markets - USA, UK and CA are supported.

Auto Lister

Create great looking, templated listings by only Product-Ids (i.e. ASINs) - it extracts their details, apply your markup and list new items on eBay. Extracts Title,...

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Avoid overselling or making loss by selling on low price. It monitors ASIN's availability & price fluctuations and updates your eBay listing...

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Auto Order Fulfillment

It keeps looking for new eBay orders, places corresponding Amazon order & dropship to eBay buyer and updates tracking on eBay order - All Autonomously...

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Selling on your own site? Integrate our APIs into your order process and fully automate order fulfillment via Amazon. Manage multiple Amazon accounts, gift cards and more...

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Order Feed CSVs

Quickest way to automate your order fulfillment via Amazon: Use our simpler order-feed CSV Import/Export feature if you don't have access to developers for API integration...

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eBay Store Management

New eBay Listings

Create new eBay listings much faster with very little efforts.

Listings Defaults/Presets

Create ‘Defaults’ or ‘Presets’ to indicate most common and static attributes of an item listing like Listing Type, Shipping Options, Payment Methods, Return Policy etc and re-use them for all new listings. You can create multiple Defaults for different situations.

Item Templates

It takes the idea of Defaults one step further: you can group them in an ‘Item-Template’. An item-template works like a blue-print and provides you 1-Click listing creation feature. WYSIWYG editor gives you power to create a fancy or professional description-template with no coding requirement.

Custom Item Feed CSVs

Design a 'Custom' item-feed csv based on an existing item-template, for creating new item listings in bulk. Make the feed template custom by choosing the bare minimum fields which are different from the base template.

Scheduled Listings

You have found some great items to sell during upcoming holidays, but you won't have time then to create listings. No worries; you can create listings now and ‘schedule’ them for posting to eBay at a later date. We will submit them all to eBay when time comes.

eBay Intelli-Pricer

Monitor your eBay competitors' prices frequently and stay on top by adjusting your item's price automatically. Choose from multiple price adjustment algorithms available like lowest price, top-n average price and many more.

Prevention of Race Condition: A unique feature of Intelli-Pricer (first of its kind) is that you can watch for race conditions and avoid them. A race condition can occur when another eBay seller is actively repricing their item against you; the two prices are going downward continuously, and in a normal scenario, both prices end up and stay at their respective lowest levels.
A mechanism in Intelli-Pricer allows you to avert this race situation, so your price doesn’t always stay at the least level, and you have better chances of making good margins.

Client Testimonials


"Segemai-retail appears to offer some features that other arbitrage platforms do not, such as inventory management, international shipping options, and a lot more control over your eBay listings.
I'm very impressed with what I’ve seen so far from your company.

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Segemai-Retail : Amazon to eBay Arbitrage & Dropship Automation

"The bundled order feature is great, now i can sell add-on items and also enjoy free sipping on my non-prime Amazon account. keep up good work."

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Segemai-Retail : Amazon to eBay Arbitrage & Dropship Automation

"Your amazon order API is best i have seen. Our guys had tested your much awaited bundled orders feature, and they said there was not a single mistake they found :), pretty awesome."

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Segemai-Retail : Amazon to eBay Arbitrage & Dropship Automation