Once you sell an item on eBay, this automatic ordering can fulfill the order, and drop-ship to eBay buyer.
We watch your ebay account for any new order, gets the order details with buyer address etc, and trigger a new fulfillment order on source merchant (i.e Amazon).

You can also indicate some safety measures, like item must have Prime/SSS shipping, or order-total must not exceed from $xx amount, and many more. We call these safety measures “Pre-Requisites”: they put conditions on the items being bought and whole order, and order can’t succeed without satisfying these pre-requisites.
We support buying item as Gift, with your own gift message. You can use credit-card or gift-card balance to purchase the item.

You get back multiple details of the placed order: i.e. product-id, quantity, item-price, shipping/handling fee, total-tax-amount, order-total, order-id etc.

We support multi-item (clubbed or bundled) orders on Amazon

Our Tool can purchase multiple ASINs in one order, and ship them to multiple buyers. This technique is specially helpful to order add-on type items, which are otherwise not possible to purchase individually or ship free. This shall also help in saving shipping cost when order’s total cost is over a certain limit and all the items in the order enjoy a free shipping.